Hi there, My Name is Abraham and here is a bit about me



Hi there, My Name is Abraham and here is a bit about me


Who I am 😎

I am a pre-med student turned UX designer. My fascination for design started in my physiology lecture classes. I remember thinking how "God" or "Mother Nature" or "Evolution" designed such beings; strong yet fragile, complex yet simple. The design of the human body is nothing short of amazing. It's a well balanced blend of design system that work harmoniously.

I equate design to be the foundation for any system to exist upon; from natural to artificial.

I am passionately interested in the immense potential of the mobile phone and the internet. Never has there been more need for systems that connect and function harmoniously.

As our work, our banks, our food, our educations, our health, our relationships...etc become connected to the internet and each other, the need for human centered design becomes increasingly more apparent.

My goal is to create and work with design systems to close the gap between man and machine. By the year 2020, it's predicted 50 billion devices will connect to the internet.


Fun Fact 🏀

Outside of work, I am a laid-back dude with passion for basketball. I always wished to dunk, but so far, I only managed to lightly brush the net.

 I am a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors. GO DUBS!!🙌



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