Habeshawe Coffee - (currently under development, at - import organically grown coffee from Ethiopia, the birth place of coffee. We aim to deliver quality tasting coffee right to our customers’ door steps.

Problem Statement

This project was based more on an opportunity than a problem. We noticed a growing trend in the coffee industry, increasing number of subscription based coffee businesses. We wanted to address

We initially tested our product with local Ethiopians/Eritreans. We started with our families and transitioned to local Ethiopian restaurants, churches, mosques and community centers. It was received very well. Everyone wanted to get their hands on our product. 

Users and audience

We identified our primary users as Ethiopians and Eritreans. As Ethiopians ourselves, we recognize coffee holds a special traditional place in the hearts of many Ethiopians and Eritreans. It’s customary routine.


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Sketches and brainstorming

During this phase I sat down with the founders and brainstormed on the look and feel of the site. We visited many existing subscription based coffee and tea companies. We visited these sites is to understand their site usability. We also visited several other sites in search of an aesthetic design that can appeal to our demographics.

The wireframe

High Fidelity Design